Bale Mountains Artisans

Known for its stunning landscapes and unique wildlife, the Bale Mountains also offers wonderful crafts. Artisans practice basketry, beading, sculpture, and leather work in an environment of breathtaking beauty. Learn more about visiting the Bale Mountains!

Baree Women's Handcraft Association

Sales Outlet: Bale Handicraft Store
Location: Near the Bale Mountains National Park Headquarters, Dinsho
Contact: Addisu Tsegaye at +251 913 419 661

Thirty women in the villages of Baree, Rira, Robe and Goba practice basketry and bead work creating subtle and functional baskets and jewelry.

Ibrahim Safi

Sales Outlet: Bale Art Gallery
Location: 500 meters from Goba Wabe Shebelle Hotel in Goba, Ethiopia
Contact: Ibrahim Safi at +251 226 661 1777 or +251 920 381 690

Ibrahim is a versatile and highly creative artist, specializing in recycling, paper-maché sculpting, painting on leather or fabric, and basket making. His art often reflects the stunning scenery or draws inspiration from local wildlife including wolves, nyala, and local birds.

Traveler's Testimonial

"A wild and beautiful place - only a few days here but really enjoyed it. Stunning scenery and wildlife."

Simone Cole - BBC

"Our visit with you was far & away the high point of the trip."

Erin Chapman - D.A.T.A., USA (experiencing community tourism in Ethiopia on a trip with Brad Pitt)

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