Getting Around

  • Flights – Ethiopia Airlines operates domestic flights to most major towns. As some destinations, such as Arba Minch, are over a day’s drive from Addis Ababa, flights are recommended for those on tight schedules.
  • If there are two or more passengers booking a flight into Ethiopia from outside Africa with Ethiopian Airlines, internal flights may be booked at the same time for a 50% discount.
  • Long-distance buses may have air conditioning and reclining seats, such as Selam Bus and Sky Bus.
  • Minibuses are used for shorter distances on sealed roads.
  • Private car & driver: These charge around US $120 - $180 per day. Check the car first – you will need a 4x4 and the comfier the better for long journeys over unsealed roads.
  • Car hire: This is only available for driving in Addis, you will need an international drivers’ license and to be between 25-70 years of age.
  • Taxi terms: Taxi, or line taxi, usually refers to a minibus – which has a fixed route, or line. If you want a private taxi, be sure to specify a contract taxi. These have no meters, so travelers are advised to negotiate a fixed price before the journey begins. Short trips around Addis will be between 30 – 50 birr and cross town trips around 50 – 120 Birr. Expect to pay 100 – 200 birr minimum between your hotel and the airport regardless of your hotel location.
  • Those looking for a more exciting experience can take a bajaj (motorized rickshaw) in small towns. A gari (donkey or horse and cart) is an interesting way to travel around a small town – be sure to agree on a price first.
  • Avoid traveling at night outside of Addis Ababa as there is a greatly increased risk of accidents due to unlit roads.

Traveler's Testimonial

"A wild and beautiful place - only a few days here but really enjoyed it. Stunning scenery and wildlife."

Simone Cole - BBC

"Our visit with you was far & away the high point of the trip."

Erin Chapman - D.A.T.A., USA (experiencing community tourism in Ethiopia on a trip with Brad Pitt)

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