East Tigray Highlands

tigray-overviewOnce the seat of the mighty Aksumite Dynasty, the Tigray Region now boasts numerous ruins and churches as well as a few current mysteries. Aksum is home to the Maraym Tsion Church, notably the most important church in Ethiopia where the Ark of the Covenant is thought to be safeguarded by Ethiopian Orthodox priests. In addition to this renowned church, a number of smaller and lesser known rock hewn and built churches are scattered throughout the region. Once inaccessible to the average tourists, visitors can now explore these churches and traditional Tigrayan village life through 2-8 day treks with Tesfa.

During the treks, visitors stay with local communities in community managed guest houses. The houses are in traditional Hedemo, rectangular farmhouse compounds built with stone. The guest houses can accommodate six with comfortable beds, clean sheets, and blankets. Each site has a dining room, washing facility, and an eco-toilet. Upon arrival at each camp, visitors are greeted by community hosts with tasty snacks and coffee. Community cooks prepare three substantial meals each day inspired by local cuisine.

Tours in Tigray are offer by Tesfa Tours in partnership wtih an emerging local guide association, The communities own and manage the community guest houses and proceeds from their business go to promote economic and social development.

Visitors can book a 2-8 day trek through Tesfa Tours that fits their fitness and adventure needs. Treks range from short, mostly flat hikes to full rugged, mountain treks. Read more about trekking options...

To book a Tesfa trek or get more information contact Tesfa Tours at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , +251 (0) 11 810 0920, +251 (0) 11 124 5178, +251 0923 490 495 or visit www.tesfatours.com.Bookings must be made at least 7 days in advance and early bookings are encouraged during the high season. The nearest airport is in Aksum. 


Traveler's Testimonial

"A wild and beautiful place - only a few days here but really enjoyed it. Stunning scenery and wildlife."

Simone Cole - BBC

"Our visit with you was far & away the high point of the trip."

Erin Chapman - D.A.T.A., USA (experiencing community tourism in Ethiopia on a trip with Brad Pitt)

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