2-10 Day Trekking Tours

wollo-homeDuring treks in Wollo visitors will experience breathtaking scenery, amazing wildlife, and genuine community hospitality. With luck, visitors should see gelada baboons, birds of prey, rock hyrax, and klipspringer. Additionally, many of the trekking routes follow the escarpment edge which is set on a lava bed associated with the formation of the Rift Valley. This lava dried into pentagon shaped basalt rocks, which makes the cliffs both beautiful and intriguing.

Treks between sites generally take about 4 to 8 hours and give participants a chance to see local farming techniques and other elements of local culture. Special excursions can be arranged for those interested in spending more time with the communities. Depending on the itinerary, visitors can stay overnight in one or more the following community run guest houses.

  • Mequat Mariam: At 2,800m, the Mequat Mariam guest house has spectacular views across the rural landscape – a sundown drink here is an unforgettable experience.
  • Wajela: Surrounded by acacia and eucalyptus trees, the Wajela guest house provides a relaxing atmosphere. It stands on a cliff above the juniper forest and the Werketa Mariam Church, with its intriguing cave complex.
  • Aterow: Home to a large troop of gelada baboons, the Aterow guest house sits on the edge of the escarpment near a dramatic waterfall.
  • Yadukulay: Linking the east and west Wollo treks, the Yadukulay guest house is located below the escarpment, providing stunning views of the steep cliffs in the background.
  • Boya: At a breathtaking 3,200m, the Boya guest house has impressive views over the gorges formed by rivers that flow into the Tekeze River.
  • Aina Amba: The Aina Amba guest house is home to another troop of gelada baboons as well as lovely views across the Tekeze River to Abuna Yoseph.
  • Kurtain Washa: The Kurtain Washa guest house is a new construction in the rugged highlands of Gidan districti.

Prices include food, accommodation, guide, and pack animal but exclude bottled drinks, transport, and church entry. Please note most treks are closed during the rainy season – mid July to late September, although a few accessible guest houses remain open all year round. Bookings must be made at least 7 days in advance and early bookings are encouraged during the high season. 

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Traveler's Testimonial

"A wild and beautiful place - only a few days here but really enjoyed it. Stunning scenery and wildlife."

Simone Cole - BBC

"Our visit with you was far & away the high point of the trip."

Erin Chapman - D.A.T.A., USA (experiencing community tourism in Ethiopia on a trip with Brad Pitt)

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