Dorze Artisans

Weaving is not just for artisans in Dorze - house builders weave together strips of bamboo to create the traditional Dorze hut; families are traced through woven kinship lines; and the local people see their friends as woven into their lives. The people in this breathtaking highland village are warm and friendly, opening their doors to show visitors their culture. The weavers of the Dorze region are known for their dexterity and unique designs. Traditional Gamo textiles are usually woven with a combination of red, yellow, and black in simple geometric patterns in stripes or checks.

Dunguza Weavers Association

Sales Outlet: Dorze Chencha Tourism Information Center, located 500 m after the Dorze marketplace
Location: Dorze, SNNPR, Ethiopia
Contact: Ato Zerihun Sako at +251 191 641 3270 (Amharic only)

The Dunguza Weavers Association consists of 10 male weavers and 1 female weaver. Tasked with carrying on the traditional weaving skills so important to their culture, the men create scarves, blankets, and hats in traditional and modern color schemes. The work is done mostly in heavy cotton, particularly useful in the chilly Dorze climate. The group has been working with an international designer to diversify their products and the artisans now produce handbags and home décor items that will appeal to visitors.

Traveler's Testimonial

"A wild and beautiful place - only a few days here but really enjoyed it. Stunning scenery and wildlife."

Simone Cole - BBC

"Our visit with you was far & away the high point of the trip."

Erin Chapman - D.A.T.A., USA (experiencing community tourism in Ethiopia on a trip with Brad Pitt)

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